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Violet Fairychild [userpic]

You can take the girl out of the theater...

May 13th, 2008 (08:40 pm)

My mom's watching "Dancing With The Stars", and I guess they've been having kids on doing ballroom dancing, throughout the season. It's pretty cute-there was one team (it feels weird to call young kids a "couple", so team it is) that couldn't have been more then 8 or 9 that did the samba to "Istanbul was Constantinople", and I was all "squee!" and then I came back out into the dining room.

And then I hear the opening strains of "Phantom of the Opera", and after I'd listened long enough to make sure it wasn't just a commercial or something, I went running back into my mom's room.

Mom: **Is already smirking at me**

Me: You were just counting down the seconds until I made it back in here, weren't you?

Mom: I kind of figured you'd be in to see this one.

I'm so predictable.